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Wy Education Assn Endorsement

The Wyoming Education Association has endorsed me for the Primary Election August 16th. Along with the Endorsement came a contribution to my campaign. This endorsement is heartening as is their contribution of $600.

I have written on the amount of testing, the organization of education within Wyoming, and the responsibility of leadership toward faculty. Along the way I spoke up in the interim hearing in Saratoga regarding newly graduated UW teachers and how the legislature ought to approach how school districts handle them. Specifically administrators are obligated to develop them. From what I see some districts feel little responsibility to develop them into good solid journeyman teachers.

My speaking up in committee hearings and interim committees provided food for thought to legislators. In one case this past Budget Session, a Representative came up to me and thanked me for speaking up on an education issue. He said simply that I had enabled him to put things into perspective.

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