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On Monday, August 13th, 2018 Wyoming's League of Women Voters sponsored a forum for House District 22's candidates.

(Below is the audio of that forum. Curiously no one took a picture!)

Along the way of the forum's questions you'll hear me speak of Louise & my three sons, all Eagle Scouts, all UW Graduates, and keeping the family Suburban going for over 500,000 miles enabling Louise & I to get them out of college without debt on their part! Here they are!

(PS The Suburban's still going strong at 540,000 miles.)


One thing that stands out is Representative Halverson's manner and attitude.

As you listen to this it is worth reflecting on her words about Wyoming's Citizen Legislature. She speaks on this at three points: about minute 11, where there is a question for response; then about minute 19/22/26, where the topic ends up on education; and finally at about minute 61, where health insurance comes up. I believe Rep Halverson tips her hand to what she really thinks about Wyoming.

In my observation, our citizen legislature is a real strength. It may not be pretty and efficient... but it provides a true measure of local control that cannot occur in legislatures that go year round. As I think about what I've observed since 2005, our legislature is able to get done in each session the same amount of work as year round legislatures.

Here are two shorter excerpts on specific interchanges of the forum. The first covers an interchange on computer science.


This second clip covers an interchange on how the legislature handled the budget process. Recall at the end that the legislature began the budget session looking to take $902M out of savings, but when they finished it was $922M from savings.


Contrast the above interchange on the budget with Senator Charlie Scott's closing words as the Senate prepared to adjourn. Very clearly he believes, as I do, that there is room to pare down Wyoming's spending.



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