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The Budget Status Quo just won't do...

 Speaker Harshman spoke to the House shortly before adjourning. Here is his speech; he talks of "singularly saving education." The Legislature passed a funding bill that took about $922M out of savings. About half of this was for education. Yet in the end the legislature did not take a magnifying glass to the education structure or budget, they really just kept on with the system as it has been for years.

There were quite a few people who protested "the death of education." There was a contractor hired to look into education funding for the Recalibration Committees. This contractor not only didn't look at administrative overhead, it came up with a recommended plus up. Oh come on... The only way ahead in this session then became to keep on... keepin' on.

I took a hard look at our education system and it has about $50M that can be saved by reducing the paperwork and administrative overhead. For example small districts that have one HS, one MS, & one ES, will have a superintendent along with these three principals and some have assistants. I believe one of these principals should be tasked with the superintendent role.

A similar look into the other department budgets must be made. We may not be able to fix the entirety of a $922M of excess spending over receipts but we have to extend the life of our savings.

The status quo just won't do. I will get into these department budgets.


The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

I earned the Expert Navy Rifle (M-1 Garand) & Expert Pistol (.45) Ribbons

I believe the 2nd amendment is quite clear.

It is based on two things the drafters understood.

Self Defense is a fundamental Right and Bureaucracies and governments always seek to nibble away at such things. Note that one of the first actions dictatorships initiate is disarming the people.

The 2nd Amendment was put in the Constitution for a very good reason: short stopping the loss of a fundamental right



In my observation Wyoming women are not treated equally.

I will stand for equal treatment, equal pay, and equal benefits for similar employment.



I am prolife

A woman is entitled to the best advice her doctor may give

We can build a nation that respects life and seeks to ensure that convenience is not a reason for abortion


State Budgets

Wyoming is not running a deficit because of its savings funds, but they will run out unless the Legislature gets serious about reducing spending.

I believe Wyoming is headed for an income tax unless the Legislature acts. I believe that the Legislature must look hard at department budgets.

I believe there is not enough to fund the entire $900M + shortfall for more than a few years, however reductions can and must be used to extend the savings that were put in place over the flush years.

Not really said, but I've heard a drumbeat for the past 3 or 4 years about an income tax.  The premise of news commentators and certain government people is that the current level of State spending should remain unchanged.

I will stand against an income tax.

What I will do: get into the details of the departmental budgets and seek reductions of excess.



I have observed our legislature struggle with how to improve education performance. Nothing has produced the results they seek.

I believe there is far too much administrative overhead and not nearly enough oversight on how districts spend their money.

The Legislature has no method of knowing whether money sent to the districts is spent properly.

I have observed classroom sizing floor debates yet it is quite clear that what is really done out in the districts is that classrooms are far larger than the legislature intends.

Public Lands

I believe the current vastness of federal control over state lands is a violation of the Constitution. Our nation was always intended as a Union of Sovereign States. The fact of the federal domination of western states is an anomaly of history.

The premise of the argument that public lands should remain public is really a statement that “those bad states” will turn over public lands to the highest bidder and that the only way to protect them is to keep them in the hands of the federal government, the only entity that can resist temptation. Yet federal government control brings with it a bureaucracy the runs roughshod over people.

I don’t accept that premise and will seek to have states take control of public lands.

I believe Wyoming should protect its lands and the wildlife on it. Our Fish & Game Department has shown a very capable approach to managing wildlife. We are obligated to ensure they do that.



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