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Bill & Louise 46 Years together

Louise celebrated our 46th anniversary a short time ago. Three generations. Three University of Wyoming sons. Click on pictures for description
At the Boy Scouts National Jamboree, 1997. All three boys are Eagle Scouts & now have Bachelors Degrees, married, and three grandchildren. Louise did all the hard work while I was driving Navy ships! Louise's father & mother, at the Andersonville National POW Museum and Park in 1997.  Louise's father was a POW captured at Bataan and was instrumental in getting this project going while he was National Commander of the American Ex-POWs veterans organization.
Louise & I began at the Presbyterian Chesapeake Center while in High School. Then were together while I attended the Naval Academy. She & I served together for all but two days of my active duty. Bill & Clifford at the Pinedale Raising Readers Breakfast. Louise's emphasis on Reading Education has caused me to pay alot more attention to reading as fundamental to education.
Al Bland, Louise's father, was instrumental as Nat'l Cdr of the American Ex-POWs in the develpoment of the POW Medal. As a veteran of the Bataan Death March, he received one of the first 4 medals awarded by President Reagan.

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