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Bill & Louise 46 Years together

Louise & I will celebrated our 46th anniversary a short time ago. Three generations. Three University of Wyoming sons.
National Jamboree, 1997. All three boys are Eagle Scouts & now have Bachelors Degrees, married, and three grandchildren. Louise did all the hard work while I was driving Navy ships! Louise's father & mother, at the Andersonville National POW Museum and Park in 1997.  Louise's father was a POW captured at Bataan and was instrumental in getting this project going while he was National Commander of the American Ex-POWs veterans organization.
Louise & I began at the Presbyterian Chesapeake Center while in High School. Then were together while I attended the Naval Academy. She & I served together for all but two days of my active duty. Bill & Clifford at the Pinedale Raising Readers Breakfast
Al Bland, Louise's father, was instrumental as Nat'l Cdr of the American Ex-POWs in the develpoment of the POW Medal. As a veteran of the Bataan Death March, he received one of the first 4 medals awarded by President Reagan.

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